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Speaking of 90s Alternative. Beastie Boys were a big part of my childhood, and remain one of my favorite artists today.

I normally detest celebrity news but I was so heartbroken when MCA passed away 📻 💔 😔

@Linux_in_a_Bit yo I just submitted another form for wow in linux

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Wait why can't I vote in my own poll

Whats on yo wrist? ⌚

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Was just told that 90s alternative rock was not only uncool, but never was cool 📻😲 have i been living in a bubble all my life??

Its fine if you want to be a piece of shit. But having kids really fuckin complicates things. I had shit parents growing up so it really rubs me the wrong way

"nice car seat" and rolled my eyes. They just glared. Fuck you.

So over shitty people not trying to be safe with seatbelts carseats vaccines. its everything. people are fuckin rotten

This couple next to me isnt using a car seat for their kid. Shitty parents. I cant bite ny tongue i said something

My kids usually hate . But they love anything tiny (like these little figures and hotwheels)

Okay cat. I love you. But it's not necessary to nibble on my toes

who is getting the "FREEDOM PHONE"

got the same nerdrage as elliot

what are everyone's plans today? 😎

Looks like the poll doesnt work with this either. 🤔 Hmmm

Anyone have issues uploading animated gifs on 3rd party masto clients?

I know Modern Family is highly ranked. But why are shows humanizing the wealthy so much? Its played out.

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