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Super impressed with #System76's packaging. 100% reusable, no foam or air pillows. Cool box design, too!

This is everything that was in the box. It's mostly empty space with the laptop and power supply held in place with plastic that's glued to the cardboard and then held tight by the cardboard being folded over. Which in turn provides cushioning underneath.

New Constantine sequel would be legit. Lets hope they don't F it up

pol, grump 

I hate amerikkka from the very bottom of my heart. From every tiny corner of my spirit. I hate amerika. 😌

I love my partner. But wtf is up with her obsession with name brands.

Its madness. πŸ€ͺ

Man. People are fuckin miserable. I know life is shit. But cmon - some attempt should be made to find joy.

Picked up a few gift baskets for the ped/icu nurses β™₯ should've prob bought more πŸ˜” so much support and love from the medical staff

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My newborn son is finally out of the NICU and home 🏑 β™₯

Hope some saint of an individual will punch these fuckers in the face πŸ‘Š

Not a member of RR union, but will reach out and support / donate. Also wear my union shirt.

Much solidarity and love β™₯

An easy way to see which instances blocked my Domain?

I want to write. But my phone has no hardware keyboard. This is not the future

Dropped my 2 kids off at homeschool enrichment. Now at hosp NICU hoping newborn can come home today. 🀞

Drs wanting to send him home with an ekg to monitor heart and breathing

Ok. Glad hand isnt broken. But gotta follow up with the specialist this week about booking a surgical procedure for a different issue πŸ˜”

Sad to see UB go. I am such a trashy person, thought it was a linux instance 😳

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