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why didnt the arm of capitalism create more than 1 or 2 browsers that support fido2/webauthn

is it just me or does firefox update every other day

pretty sure Applegate was my first crush when I was like 10

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105F w/ 50% humidity. yup. def staying indoors today

I'm confused. How are these ct containers so light?

this is so stupid. I can connect to each instance via proxmox gui. but can't use spice or bash to connect.


apparently crocs & socks are back in "style". but I still rock flip flops that are 5 yo. I am pretty fashionable as you can tell

I was always led to believe "cats" were a girl thing. which is frustrating, because I love cats. I want to be with all the cats. and make silly stupid noises pet them play with them. all day

who wins the gene lottery. its crazy how location and the presence of family can influence the future so much

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