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these stories are fuckin wild. like something out of an exaggerated reality tv show.

I feel kinda dirty doing this. But if you want to donate to my server fees, you can:

Otherwise -- if not. Its ok, take care of yourself first.

Why would Burger King have am Impossible Burger but have bacon on it. So weird.

Satanic Temple is only good for trolling christian supremacists. Literally do not rely on them for anything else. They lose just about every court case, and they definitely can't get you safe abortions at the moment.

I think I should retire to bed. and not show up to work tomorrow.

diablo immortal is so shitty. this is why we can't have nice things

if I am ever over 2 beers in, my spelling is going to be awful. deal with it

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no pre-nump. only use a shared checking and brokerage account. and be aware how each other handles responsibility.

if you have cold feet. you should prob know this person better.

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watched this youtube thing. interview about a "slave" and "master" relationship. and not gonna lie it was weird af. why do relationships always need to have some weird power dynamic?

be down to strap a small computer to my arm. would be pretty badass

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