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Salesforce & Onedrive & Raindrop
All literally have the same stupid logo
Uninspired. 😴

Just what we need. More "blue cloud" icons / logos 🙄🙄

I have no clue what you people are talking about half the time

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The nauseating John Overdeck has a net-worth of $ 6.46 billion dollars.

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The repugnant George Soros has a net-worth of $ 8.60 billion dollars.

Was told that making 6 figures was "rich".
But I think that's just being middle class.
Help me understand wages fediverse

There's this movie about Bulgaria, about forgotten disabled kids. And it really fucks with me

level of civilization achieved by a society is measured by how it treats its most vulnerable.

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It is the year 2031

Everything is an app now

Your OS launches straight into a browser

A browser is a program that is used to run web apps

Your browser comes with its own window manager

Your system settings are a web app now

Your file browser is a web app now

Your BIOS is a web app now

Your desk is a web app now

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Back to work. After the holiday of labor. Or some American bullshit

Today should be renamed to Lucy Parsons Rolling In Her Grave day.

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Wishing all my Canadian and American working brothers and sisters a safe and happy Labour Day!

#labourday #laborday

TL;dr. Miss the 160char limit. Shakespeare was right

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