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I got this switch that I never play. Because I'm always working

I know thats kinda harsh. But seriously, fuck that guy

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my deepest condolences to you all that Jeff Bezos didn't blow up in space 💔

The worst part of having the name Jeff is the fact that Bezos exists. Hope the guy dies and stops ruining my name.

Woo Hoo. My electric bill wasn't $500 last month 😂 🌵 ☀

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Am I masto famous yet?

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The nauseating Li Ge has a net-worth of $ 10.31 billion dollars.

Why doesn't Cruella smoke.
Smoking is badass

holy shit wants to be as difficult as possible to upload a public key

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birdsite might've suspended MTG.

but I have also been suspended for telling nazis to drink bleach

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Bro do not test me. I swear to god I will send you to the cloud

got in trouble for never showing up to our meetings. told management they were a waste of time and to just send an email.

I bet they love me because I'm so easy to manage

If you see Sen. Rand Paul, do you punch him in the face?

My children's education has been negatively impacted by and people not taking it seriously.

Hope all these right wing nutjobs choke to death.


"The death toll from the deadly virus rose 40% in the past week as the virulent delta variant drives coronavirus caseloads higher by the day, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky.

More than 99% of the deaths are people who failed to get vaccinated according to Walensky."

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