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I cant believe its an 18 week delay for a passport 🛂

I also drive the slowest car in the world.

My coworkers roll up in Ferrari Tesla and Lambo. But I got a trashy ass Forx Fusion 😂 😂

I think being obsessed with cars is something chemical. I hate cars. Never was into them. But my kids love cars.

My father was in repair shop TV commercials here in Az. And my inlaw worked at GM plan. Obvi hereditary, just skipped me

I don't care if boys play with girl toys or vice versa. But sometimes I wish my son or daughter liked girl toys, so theyd stop fighting over these stupid hotwheels

When she grows up she wants to be a tow truck driver. Because she loves cars and she loves helping people ♥

So my little girl is usually into "boy toys". Today I took her shopping and she got her first girl toy Polly Pocket and has buyer remorse 😂

"this doesnt do anything" haha.

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Watching again. Because its a masterpiece
😘 🤖 🖥

Omg think im closing a 500k deal tomorrow.

Send me some good juju

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The repellent Israel Englander has a net-worth of $ 9.55 billion dollars.

homosexuality / kink 

As a male. I just can't bring myself to be into ass stuff. Butts are gross. Poop comes out of there.

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Hopefully Eugen hurries up with this Android app

Ugh. Tusky app doesn't upload images right. web interface is truly the best

Selfie when I see a lovely picture of Marilyn Monroe ♥

Who follows people from
Shit list just isnt big enough.

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