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slashing corporate executives' pay is a great idea, but consider slashing corporate executives

so I have my bot post once every 5 hours. because theres too many rich fucks. if you think it should post less often lmk

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The malevolent Eric Smidt has a net-worth of $ 4.67 billion dollars.

when I was in Lending, my time off was declined. I told them "FUCK YOU" reminded them that their management was useless, and told them that in 5 years the department would be trash.

I walked off the job and never turned back.

and guess what? that department since then suffered losses due to not valuing their employees time or concerns. gladly watch them burn with a big fuckin smile on my face

labor shortages are actually a good thing. if management grinds their heels in, don't do jack shit and take your time. I promise you they will not fire you

I will literally call management sacks of shit. I call out all the fuckin time. but nothing gets management worked up more than mentioning a union.

your time matters. your labor matters. people matter.

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Pro Tip!

While your working a shit job in the middle of a labor shortage.

You should unionize.

What is your boss going to do, fire you so can claim unemployment and get a better job?

Not like he can hire anyone anyways....

So I love weddings. But cmon, indoors maskless with so many people?

I buy so much shit on the company dime. To the point where they dont even trust me with the p card 💳

When work gives you a furniture allowance that expires. You get an arcade machine to mod with 🤷‍♂️

I am not classy or creative enough for this

Fuck. Redoing my entire office. Painters will be by tomorrow and all these colors look the same to me

good news everyone. a super rich person might die

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Jeff Bezos is going to launch himself into space on July 20th. And literally every single leftist across the globe is hoping he blows up on the launch pad.

Fingers crossed Comrades! 🤞🤞

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The rich don't pay their fair share, in fact Jeff Bezos reported so little to the IRS they gave him money (4k) to help with his kids and he fucking took it

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testing testing.
my websites are blowin up

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and of course cpanel always has to do me dirty. nothing is ever easy

holy shit masto what did you download today

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