Taking my son to Cub Scouts. Pray for me, the other dads are insufferable ๐Ÿ˜’

We can't house the homeless, but we can build a $128 million dollar playground for young cops. Also, itjust so happens the city's budget deficit is $128 million ๐Ÿค” :acab:

The toxic Robert Rich. Jr. has a net-worth of $ 4.62 billion dollars.

@rune weird. wouldnt it make more sense to teach different agile processes for development? tons of books out there. i assume anyway, I was too stupid for engineering lol

@rune this sounds absurd, what was the course?

studied Math at @ASU and our profs were similar in that they were only there for their own research. but they didnt care about teaching, wouldnt answer questions in lecture, and our grade was based solely on two exams for the bulk of our upper division courses.

@schratze *BROKEN. should be a write in option for *HAUNTED as well

serious question about childhood 

@oya these are the same parents who drive me to the "barrio" and "bad part of town" and told me thats where I'd end up if I didn't do my homework.


no wonder I am addicted to work. life is a trip

serious question about childhood 

@oya FUCKKK. you have no idea


serious question about childhood 

@oya he was the biggest dago/Italian you've ever seen. huge muscles. he used to take me to church every Sunday, really into confession and he would cry in prayer constantly. taught me to never trust myself and life was pain

serious question about childhood 

@oya I recall slapping each one, then going home crying in fear. his Life Lesson was to never let anyone talk to me that way

serious question about childhood 

@oya when I was maybe 5 or 6 was playing at the park. a group of Big Kids came up and was picking on me. recall my Nonno walking up, thinking "thank god I am safe" but he told the kids that they weren't men ganging up on me, and forced me to punch each one in the face

serious question about childhood 

@oya my nonnno used to be big into guns. he drove around with a firearm mounted under his seat, and a shotgun in the back

serious question about childhood 

@oya no. I remember being told at the library when I was 6 or 7 to not read as much, bcuz it made the other kids feel bad.

I recall being told i was special. not bcuz I was smart, but to manipulate me to answer questions the right way.

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