when it comes to the distant future, nothing compares to the OG robocop

not much to say about this film. its ok. decent special fx. but it didn't "feel" like a terminator film, more like a generic post apocalyptic film. better than what I remember. but still somewhat forgettable

3 / 5 stars

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want one of those trifold samsung phones. fuck you capitalism

Terminator Salvation πŸ€–

Weird not having time travel. And a pg13 rating. but will re-watch and keep an open mind

running Blue Stacks on a 4 year old laptop. taking FOREVERRRRR

someone was fucking around at my door, testing it to see if unlocked. fuck. not calling the cops. but did put up some security cameras.

I don't care about my property. but I am worried about strangers around my children

@schratze @eris glad I block these domains on my instance. I am not the tolerant left, I am not here to evangelize, and I am certainly not here to debate with extremists.

Nazis should do the right thing and fuckin kill themselves πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Wordle 214 4/6


The fulsome Scott Cook has a net-worth of $ 4.52 billion dollars.

@jeder @Gargron I really like mastodon though, and gargron was helpful in helping me setup my server. maybe I shouldnt be so insufferable

i think i have alex gleason blocked for being annoying and posting bad takes...
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