I know this story is 6yo.

but I sometimes still think about this cashier who refused to serve cops; and all the brave patrons who spoke up saying they'd rather get refunded than eat near a pig

hope wherever she is, she is doing well and still being radical.


Cops are chicken shit. And fuck all the rightwing nutjob bootlickers

(A) ll
(C) ats
(A) re
(B) eautiful

(shamelessly stolen from birdsite)

I already reposted this from @nenetl - but it deserves another upload 😂 😂

only a shithole country would do such a thing

"Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge."


When I say ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS I truly mean that all of them are.

Even your piece of shit uncle who's a retired cop. Hes a bastard.

That shitty judge you admire? Or your cousin who is a prison guard? They're a bastard too. And I wish them all a shitty painful life.

"let's consider the feelings of someone who murdered a child"

fuck this guy. hope he chokes.

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