microsoft swiftkey is my fav keyboard. just like exchange/office is my fav email.

what is wrong with me

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@jeff I have tried a bunch of phone keyboards and swiftkey really is the least bad one 💀

@schratze I tried a few others that are open source. I'm ok without the predictive text. they just all feel janky or half finished. strange oval shapes on keys. blegh

@schratze same thing with e-mail. I want rules to organize delivery based off of mail headers and alias addresses. yet exchange is the only one I know how to set this up in

@jeff yeah. I used AnySoft for a while until they decided to put in a useless message about coronavirus that took up half of the predictive text bar and sent you to a useless WHO website whenever you touched it accidentally.

The issue for this has been opened March 31, 2021 and it's still unresolved

@schratze even though thats stupid to have a message there. I still blame the anti vaxxers for it. lol

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