Fedi, please help me settle this.

I think Disney cruises are pretentious and overpriced. Nor do I have a desire to take my children on one.

Am I the asshole for denying my children that experience when they are young?

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I ask because I think its cringe when rightwing nutjob parents boycott Disney over Disney's "PRO GAY" agenda.

I feel like you shouldn't stop a kid from enjoying disneyland or a silly Disney movie because you're a bigot.

But it makes me feel like its a double standard for not wanting a Disney Cruise

@jeff Boycotts don't work. Do what you and your kids feel is fun. Don't let other people ruin your enjoyment. Use your time on this ship to breadpill the employees.

@CGanimated1227 I'm not even trying to boycott. Just didn't have a great cruise experience 😬

Not anti Disney. Although I do think its creepy how "nice" people are there. Its unsettling

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