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One of my cishet Christian friends has been seriously ill and churches have been organising via WhatsApp to pray for her. About a thousand people have probably heard of her being unwell and said prayers.

She's been extremely sick and it's inappropriate to make this about me but between the Facebook inc involvement and the Church of England, hearing about this makes me feel super isolated.

I know there are a few queer Christians around, but my experience of religion has mostly been people telling me that God doesn't love me (or that I'm going to hell, which is functionally equivalent) and the extent to which lgbt people, atheists and other non-christians are just excluded from ... life? .... in this country is just sometimes overwhelming.

I feel like an outcast for ... I Kean this is going to sound lien stallman or Dawkins, but for having ethics and standing firm in them. I will never have that kind of community. One thing that perpetually haunts menus how few people will feel a sense of loss when I die.

I don't care what anyone's imaginary friend thinks, but there are real social consequences.

Me, thinking: Am I being overly sensitive?

One of the group: Oh, I ran into [highly placed person at the graun].

Everyone: Oh, how is she?

Me: Look at the time!

People talk about Europe being more enlightened than america or whatever and we have nationalised healthcare, but everyplace has the same heteronormative Christian suprematism classist queerphobic bullshit.

Please pardon me being tired and emotional. The combination of Official-Religion supremacy and facebook is always a bit much.

What I want is society to be less controlled by Silicon Valley and more pluralist, so religious minorities are fully incorporated into cultural, social and civic life. Specifically facebook is strongly correlated with bad outcomes, especially including violence towards people on the basis of religion.

(Also, fuck the guardian.)

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