I don't really have many female friends. So was late to hear the phrase "Resting Bitch Face". None of my friends would ever dare to make sucha comment.

Do other guys say this though? Or is there "Resting Dick Face" for men?

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@jeff It's a phrase that some women use to excuse their desire to push people away. I think on some level they feel guilty for being anti-social. I'm sure some men have an equivalent thing.

@terryenglish well. Come to think of it, sometimes my friends use the phrase "fuckface" but its usually used in jest to roast ewch othe4 and not towards strangers. not that thats much better

@jeff rbf is when you wear a permanent scowl, Idk how gendered the term was/is, personally I use it for anybody who looks the part incl myself 🤷

@spacetrash permanent scowl is just how I feel on the inside 🙃

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