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Back after technical difficulties.

I'm here because my other social media accounts are constantly banned/suspended for my radical ideas that we shouldn't lock people in cages & and all of us should strive to build a better world.

Oh yeah. And it's always okay to punch a fuckin nazi.

Testing testing. Are custom emojis viewable with 3p clients?

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I kinda look like a Jon Lovitz / Danny DaVito. Just not a ton of chest hair. And fat.

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These guys have a great impossible Burger. Don't @ me 🍔

Is the frog thing still racist? Is that gab?

Today is the Lord's day.

So it would be nice if people took a break from being an asshole even just for 1 day.

It's a guilty pleasure. I love stuff about culture and people groups.

Watching 90 Day Fiance.
Trash TV 📺
Don't judge me

When I say ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS I truly mean that all of them are.

Even your piece of shit uncle who's a retired cop. Hes a bastard.

That shitty judge you admire? Or your cousin who is a prison guard? They're a bastard too. And I wish them all a shitty painful life.

"let's consider the feelings of someone who murdered a child"

fuck this guy. hope he chokes.

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actual photograph of me every time liberals rail against riots

Pretty sure Kelly Bundy was my first childhood crush. Don't @ me

Is there a flag burning emoji? I can't find one anywhere!

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