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(Its time for an intro redo)

I'm only here to watch the world burn.

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Jeff Bezos is the final boss of our generation

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What are your feelings about @eatrich adding a photo of the billionaire to each new post?

Something about the Brave browser is creepy af

have a meeting with my manager in 40 min. I told him I didn't want to meet with him so often, and I work better when he leaves me alone and isnt looking over my shoulder constantly.

now he's all suspicious and wants to meet every other week.

I was happy with once a quarter

why is my federated timeline so empty.

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maybe I should stop doomscrolling

we really need fuckin mental health care reform

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Happy fall/autumn to everyone in the northern hemisphere! 🍂 🌬️ ⛅

And a happy spring to those in the southern hemisphere! 💐 ☂️ 🐦

help I can't stop reading this reddit thread

I'm just the guy in the back, trying to get through the day, trying to pay bills, and saving up for my children

I actually loved the show . It reminds me of my job. Don Draper is who all my coworkers strive to be

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The disgusting Terrence Pegula has a net-worth of $ 5.36 billion dollars.

I make way too many polls on this stupid thing

What should I eat tonight?

covid19 / texas 

Ok. I am all for masks. But if truly concerned about covid19, why bother going to a restaurant? do a pickup order, or uber eats. something about this story just doesn't make sense.

"Dallas couple asked to leave restaurant for wearing masks inside"

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