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I feel kinda dirty doing this. But if you want to donate to my server fees, you can:

Otherwise -- if not. Its ok, take care of yourself first.

Sent 5 EUR their way.

This software is an essential piece you need to use Nextcloud and get away from Google.

Support the projects you love (if you can!).


Surgeon was a saint. Squeezed me in within 3 days (before my deductible rolled over). And said to text him if I need more hydrocodone or oxy 😬😬😬

You're telling me someone sistered these wives?

F. hosting provider is dumping my hosting for MY0.NET

Ok. Going in for surgery πŸ™ pray for me fam

Ugh gotta take daughter to girl scouts 😣 where all the other moms judge me.

Capitalist Bullshit 

Heard Okta has really good benefits too so not surprised by the

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Capitalist Bullshit 

I really thought Bolt would've been more. I wonder how much aws sales reps make πŸ€”

Cmon you coward hurricane, do it 😑😑😑

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All doctors offices in Phoenix require the use of cactus in the waiting room. 🌡

πŸ˜‚ Everyone on birdsite has to pay for Twitter Blue to use NFT avi. Everything about web3 is such a scam

Mousepad stopped working. Gotta fuck around with Grub updates. Ugh is awful

The cursed Lukas Walton has a net-worth of $ 16.62 billion dollars.

Watching 90 Day Fiance.

Coworkers think I look like Big Ed 😣

Buying fresh fruits, veggies, and keto snacks is expensive. Spending $800/mo on groceries 😲

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